Parenting hacks to make life easier.


Being a parent can be hard so we have put together some of our favourite parenting hacks to save you time, money, pain, and tantrums so you can just enjoy your time with your little ones.

An inflatable paddling pool makes an excellent playpen!

parents-inflatable hack

Not only is this option way cheaper than a conventional playpen, you can easily set it up inside or outside and the inflatable sides are softer if the baby falls against them. This only works until they are big enough to climb out!

Use a laundry basket in the bath.


This will stop your baby from falling over in the bath and keep their toys close to them so they can play happily.

Save your floor from muddy pram wheels.

pushchair wheels

This simple hack is something I wished I had thought of when my kids were babies! 

Baby is asleep in the pram and you don’t want to disturb them by lifting them out but your pram wheels are dirty. Put shower caps around the wheels to keep your floors clean.

Give them a cardboard box to play with!


How many times have you noticed that your kids play longer with the cardboard box than their shiny new toy that came in it? Set your kids loose on a large cardboard box, I can guarantee it will keep them busy for hours if not days!

Protect little fingers and walls.


Cut a section out of a pool noodle and cut along the length. Put it high up around the door to stop your door from slamming shut or hitting off your paintwork!

 Make hair washing a little easier.


Use a baby/toddler shower cap to stop water from going into their eyes. You can buy them on Amazon for £7.99.

Take the pain out of giving medicine to your baby.

baby medicine-hack

If you have ever tried to give a baby medicine with a syringe you have probably found that they only end up swallowing half of it! Use a bottle top with the teat attached and put the syringe full of medicine into the teat. The baby will suck the teat and the medicine won’t spill.

Help sort out the laundry.

parents-dots hack

If you have a few children of similar ages this hack could save you time when sorting out the laundry into the correct piles. Give each child a different color and put their colored dot onto the care label of their clothes. You will be able to identify their clothes quicker and more easily.

Paint the fence.


This one is absolutely genius! Keep the kids busy in the garden on a sunny day by asking them to paint the fence. Give them a bucket of water and a brush and set them away. Once they have finished and it’s dry they can do it again. The kids will have fun helping you and you can get on with some gardening jobs.

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