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How to make money from home 2022

How to make money from home in 2022 (The Definitive Guide)

55 ways to make money from home, online and offline at any age

In this guide, you’ll discover how to make money from home at any age, both online and offline. I first started looking for ways to make an extra income from home back in 2020; Which led to the eventual creation of this Website and blog.

When I searched the topic on google, many top-ranking articles were from sites and bloggers with years of success behind them.

Most sites employed writers who had never had to find an extra income. Most of the information was generic and not very detailed.
Since then, I’ve used many methods to create a second income from home, so I’ve put together what I believe to be a comprehensive and definitive guide on the subject.

Altogether there are over 15000 words in this guide, with a fifth linking to other more comprehensive guides where needed. For the average reader, that’s 60 minutes of reading time.
If you want to give yourself all the options, I recommend the full read; however, I know that’s not going to happen, so I’ve kindly broken it down into categories to suit your interests, with a full table of contents to help you further.

Let’s get started, pick a topic below!

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Website, e-commerce, and Training

Start your own website.

Picture of diggers around the word "Website" with scaffolding, which depicts a website being built in picture format
  • Earning potential – High anywhere from $1000 to $1,000,000+ per month
  • Startup cost –  medium, from free to a few hundred dollars per month but will grow as you grow
  • time taken to earn – High, realistically from a few months to a year but can create a high passive income.
  • Suitability – 18 years and over preferred, but under 18’s can work with supervision
  • skills required:  none learn as you go

Starting your own website is one of the few ways that you can earn a passive income and get more free time to yourself, there are lots of ways to earn money from setting up a website; this could be through advertising, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or even promoting online courses.

Building a website is cheaper than you might think, with hosting plans from Hostgator starting at just $2.72 /Mo and Bluehost at only $2.92/Mo, both have excellent reputations when it comes to web hosting

To start with, you will likely be promoting your website through your own social media accounts or paid-for ads, however, eventually, the aim would be to drive organic traffic; Which means you can disappear for a couple of months while your site still carries on making money for you. When it comes to earning potential, the sky’s the limit; many website owners make 6 figure sums every year.

If you’re interested in starting a website but aren’t sure how to get started, you can read my detailed step-by-step guide here.

Dropshipping and e-commerce

A picture depicting drop shipping, it shows a miniature shopping trolley full of boxes perched on top of a Laptop computer.
  • Earning potential – high £1000 to £500,000 per month
  • Startup cost – some initial investment needed but fairly low
  • time taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  over 18 years preferred, younger would need supervision
  • skills required – none (learn as you go.)

Starting your own dropshipping business is a great way to make money online; you don’t have to build your own website. Companies such as Shopify and Alidropship will provide you with a ready-made model to create and host an online e-commerce website and create your own brand.
Dropshipping is when you sell a product from an online store; however, the supplier of the product stores, packages, and ships the product on your behalf.
Most drop shippers use suppliers based in China, such as AliExpress, the retail brand of Alibaba.com; this is because the prices are so much lower. Therefore, the potential for mark-up is higher.
All you have to do is source the products for your store and mark them up at a higher price than the drop shipping company charges.
The advantage of dropshipping vs. running a conventional shop is that you don’t have any overheads other than the small subscription fees to your online shop.
Another advantage of dropshipping over other online stores is that you don’t have to carry any stock; you can sell a product and get paid before even buying it yourself.
On the downside, the lead time is higher, so delivery times can be rather long in most cases; also, you will not usually have any high street presence, so you will have to promote your brand through paid advertising or promoting your business through your own social media accounts.
Watch Rich House Poor House channel 5 (season 7 episode 6) to see how eCommerce millionaire Kamil has changed his life with dropshipping.
Incredible as it sounds, Alidropship will sell you a package that will provide you with a ready-made business model which has already proven to make money;
you’ll get a replica of one of their highly successful stores, which are already optimized to convert sales and includes all of the sales products which are proven to sell, already listed, all for a one-off payment of $300/ £210 one-off fee!

Ali drop ship family store
ali drop ship baby store

On top of that, you will get a full breakdown of your target audience, including country, sex, age, the phones they use, and the tv programs they watch.

They provide you with exact ad copies of the ads which have proven to be successful, not just that; they also show you where to place your ads based on their previous experience and past successes for that store.

Read my detailed guide here., to learn more about e-commerce and drop shipping.

If you are ready to start your own dropshipping company, Theo McArthur has produced a fantastic course on Udemy that teaches you how to build your first profitable dropship website.

Affiliate Marketing

A picture of a phone and a tablet next to each other on a  white desk. both phone and tablet have the same message on the screen " Affiliate program, join now"
  • Earning potential – high £1000 to £500,000 per month
  • Startup cost – some initial investment needed but fairly low
  • time taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  over 18 years preferred, younger would need supervision
  • skills required – none learn as you go

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which a company (merchant) compensates a third party (the affiliate) for generating leads or driving traffic to their products or services.

Thousands of companies use this form of advertising to generate more sales; in fact, prominent household names such as Walmart and AT&T in the US and BT and TripAdvisor in the UK use affiliate marketing to promote additional sales. This industry is worth around $12 Billion worldwide.

To be accepted as an affiliate, you will need to prove to the merchant how you intend to promote their brand, so it’s essential that you also choose an affiliate program that aligns with your own brand as well as your personal beliefs and ethos.

Most large companies that have an affiliate program will require you to have your Own Website, and there are also affiliate networks such as Impact, Awin, and CJ affiliates. These Affiliate networks act as an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate, and they perform all the application vetting, tracking, and payment on their client’s behalf.

If you don’t have a website, then you can use Affiliate programs such as jvZoo, Warrior plus, or Clickbank to apply for affiliate programs; these generally promote individuals or small business owners who want to bring a product to market for the first time, be careful to choose a product you have tested and believe in.

For all of these affiliate programs, you will be given a unique URL, also known as an affiliate link which can be added to your website and blog posts; if you don’t have a website, you can use other legitimate ways to promote your product, such as your social media accounts or YouTube.

The merchant uses your affiliate link to track your referrals and compensate you accordingly.

There can be a lot of profit in affiliate marketing, with many people making a substantial full-time income; some affiliate programs offer a recurring commission. After some time, it’s possible to make a passive income from this. To find out more, read my detailed guide on Affiliate marketing.

Create an online course

A picture of a woman looking at her laptop computer and writing onto a tablet.
  • Earning potential -high £1000 to £100,000 per month
  • Startup cost – some initial investment needed but fairly low
  • time is taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –   younger and teens, would need supervision
  • skills required – research a skill to deliver in training

If you have a particular skill or passion which you can share with the world, why not teach online by creating your own online course?

Sites such as Teachable and Thinkific are Taylor-made hosting platforms for online courses.

If you have the skills, then they bring the expertise, allowing you to build your online course from conception to delivery with simple to use drag and drop tools and design features; they’ll even put you in touch with freelancers on Fiverr who can help you write and design your course.

Examples of courses can be anything from art and music, food and cake decorating, yoga and nutrition.

take a look at the examples from both Teachables and Thinkific below.

Teachable Examples

Thinkific Examples

both offer a free package, and their basic packages start from as little as $29 per month.

If building a course with assessments and knowledge checks sounds daunting, there are other ways to become an online tutor.

You could film a short online Tutoring video and submit it to Udemy, which is an online course provider, with over 40 million Students worldwide in over 180 countries and 65 languages.

The minimum video length is 2 hours, with the average being 4-6 hours in length, and can be filmed using only a smartphone.

You can also join Skillshare which accepts shorter video courses since they accept a mixture of written and video content. However, all courses must include a minimum of  10 minutes of video content.

Online tutoring has become more and more popular and starting an online course is a great way to make money; once your course is created and submitted, then every time someone accesses your course, you’ll get paid.

Many of these courses have thousands of students worldwide, generating tens of thousands of dollars per month.

if you’re interested to learn more, check out my detailed guide here

Social media

Start your own Youtube channel

YouTube logo on a button
  • Earning potential -high £1000 to £100,000 per month
  • Startup cost – Low, basic sound and video equipment needed
  • time is taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  suitable for younger kids and teens
  • skills required – have that something

Keep reading if you enjoy making videos and wonder how to make money as a YouTube influencer.

Today Youtube isn’t just a website where you share your favourite videos; it’s become one of the biggest search engines in the world, second only to Google. In fact, with 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is higher than the combined total of Bing, Yahoo, and AOL put together.

Ahrefs provided their list of the top 100 google searches in 2021, and if you look at the table below, the results are staggering!

       Keyword               Search Volume

1 pewdiepie                     4,571,398

2 asmr                               4,036,274

3 music                              3,347,560

4 markiplier                    2,969,267

5 old town road              2,501,430

6 Billie Eilish                   2,355,459

7 pewdiepie vs t series 2,179,597

8 Fortnite                           2,010,834

9 David dobrik                 2,006,263

10 jacksepticeye              1,956,498

Out of the top ten most searched phrases in Google 2021, five of the top ten are Youtube channels, including Pewdiepie, Markiplier, David Dobrik, Jacksepticeye, and T series.

If you’re wondering if you can make money online with Youtube, then the answer is a resounding yes. Videos have become one of the most popular mediums for people to enjoy, and Youtube is one of the best ways to make money, especially for young people and college students.

If you already have a Youtube channel and have added your Youtube videos, the next step to monetizing your account is to join the Youtube partner program. To join the program, you’ll need to meet the below criteria.

  • Make sure you’re following YouTube’s compliance policy.
  • Live in a country /region where the partner program is available.
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers.
  • Have more than 4000 valid public watched hours in the last 12 months?
  • Have an ad sense account linked to your channel?

You get paid from YouTube per CPM. CPM is how much money advertisers pay for 1000 ad impressions (an ad impression is every time an ad is displayed.) You can expect to earn between $0.30 (20p) and $2.50 (£1.79) CPM (cost per thousand ads).

Some more popular YouTubers can earn $10 (£7.20) CPM. Not all of your videos will be eligible for ads, and as you can see, you will need a lot of views to make decent money.

For example, if you get 1000,000 ads a month on your video views, you will get 1000 CPM.

Youtube is highly competitive, and to rank in searches, you’ll need to optimize your content using tube buddy or VidIQ, e.c.t. Read my detailed youtube guide to find out more.

Start a podcast

A picture of a man with headphones on . he is speaking into a suspended microphone while typing in front of a computer
  • Earning potential -high £1000 to £500,000 per  episode
  • Startup cost – Low, basic sound and editing equipment needed
  • time is taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ month
  • Suitability –  suitable for  younger kids and teens
  • skills required – have something to say

I’ve never started my own podcast, however like millions of others around the world I’ve listened to them on a daily basis.

Starting your own podcast is a fantastic opportunity to make money, especially for teens and college students.

According to Wikipedia, there are only around 115,000 podcasts in the English-speaking world, with most being listed as general or unknown.

compared to the 500 million blogs, podcasting is still in its infancy, meaning it is a perfect time to get in on the act.

Of course, like any other form of media, you’ll need to set yourself up for success.

Do your research

First, you need to find who your target audience will be, use free tools such as Ubersuggest and Buzzsumo

to see what people are searching for and talking about, look at your favourite websites and see what their top-ranking pages are in ubersuggest or enter a keyword into buzz sumo to see what people are talking about around these words.

plan your first 15 episodes

Plan your episodes; the title of your episode is critical, so take your time with this.

You can pick up a mic fairly cheap which will do the job; if you can afford it, use tools such as Alitu for $32/ £23 per month; if you upload your episodes to the app, it will perform all of the sound cleanup, background noise reduction, and dynamic levelling. The app also has an episode builder that will add all of your intro and outro music and your titles.

You can also record directly into the app and invite guests to be interviewed.

There is no ideal episode length, but 20 minutes which is the average commute, works well. Once your episode is made, you can upload them to a podcast hosting service such as Buzzsprout or podbean.

you’ll make money from podcasts in much the same way as a blog, through affiliate marketing or advertising.

both have a free service, buzzsprout free plan allows you to upload 2 hours per month; however, episodes disappear after 90 days. From there, you can load them directly into podcast players such as Itunes, google podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Become a social media influencer

A picture of emoji's painted on a metal surface, they are hearts, smiley faces and thumbs up.
  • Earning potential -Medium £1000 to £10000 per month
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  suitable for younger kids and teens
  • skills required – engagement with your audience

If you have a large following on social media you can use the influence you have with your online community to endorse and advertise products.

Many companies look for social media influences as a way to promote their products since the influencers already have a ready-made following.

It’s a misconception that influencers need to be famous or have millions of followers to endorse.

You can start to get paid for endorsing products with as little as 1000 followers, it helps if you endorse products you know and love, however, some businesses will pay you just to try and review their products and you’re under no obligation to guarantee favourable reviews.

Nano influencers

Nano influencers generally have up to 1000 followers, surprisingly lots of businesses are willing to pay for these influences to promote their products due to their loyal following, with 40% of social media accounts falling into this bracket, there is an opportunity for everyone.


Micro-influencers have between 5000 and 10000 followers and once you reach this level then businesses will come looking for you, with sites like Grin and Tribe paying from £100 to £350 per post.

To use Tribe as an example, influencers would open the tribe app and submit content to the brands they already know and use. They can negotiate their own price for the post, however, Tribe has the below price guide which means both parties have a pre-defined idea of how much to pay/charge.

  • Untitled
  • It’s easier than you think to gain this kind of following with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e.c.t.
  • You just need to follow a set of basic rules, know your audience and what they are searching for.
  • be persistent and consistent with your content and make sure the quality is good. post often, if you’re using Instagram stories e.c.t. make sure you’re posting every day, try different tacts to see what works.
  • use free tools like Social blade to track your user interactions.
  • Companies realize the importance of quality posts and are willing to pay to get these in front of a captive audience where trust has already been built for them.

Sell your services online

Become a freelancer and sell your services online

A picture of a computer with the message " Join us online" on the front screen.
  • Earning potential -Medium £1000 to £5000 per month
  • Startup cost -nothing
  • time is taken to earn – low within a few days/ weeks
  • Suitability –  over 18 years
  • skills required – must have the skill to offer

It is estimated that nearly 60 million users are doing freelance work of some description or other in the United States alone.

If you’re looking for ways to earn money either full or part-time online, then consider doing freelance work for people using services directories such as Fiverr, Upwork, Cloudpeeps, PeoplePerHour and freelancer.

If you think that the only way to make money as a freelancer is to become a freelance writer or Web developer then you couldn’t be more wrong, Fiverr has over 500 categories, from poster design to music lessons and everything in between

becoming a freelancer means that you can manage your own schedule and pick and choose when you work. see my detailed guide on how to make money on Fiverr

Provide IT support

A picture of a circuit board
  • Earning potential -medium $2000 to £3000 per month
  • Startup cost -nothing
  • time is taken to earn – low within days/ weeks
  • Suitability –  over 18 preferred
  • skills required – must have good IT and problem-solving skills

I provide IT support in my current job role and there are around 4.6 million IT workers in the United States alone. If you’re dealing with software as a service (SaaS) such as Microsoft office 365 or Azure AD, then you can easily offer remote support anywhere in the world provided you have internet access.

If you provide hardware support, then you can still make money from IT, however, you’ll need to advertise locally which will reduce your target audience.

As we have seen above, you can enroll as a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork e.c.t. and sell your IT support services there.

Solve problems online

A picture of Blue sheet, spread on the floor and covered in small wooden puzzles
  • Earning potential High £20000 to £100000 per Annum
  • Startup cost -nothing
  • time is taken to earn – Medium within a few weeks/months
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required – must have exceptional problem-solving skills and expertise in a specialist field.

If you have a passion for solving problems and you have knowledge or expertise in a certain field then why not make money by solving other people’s problems?

sites like idea connection and Innocentive are looking for people to solve industry problems in fields such as Machine learning, medical, chemical, mechanical, energy, waste management, and more.

Maybe you work or have worked as an expert in these fields and you’d like to use your knowledge to supplement your income, or maybe you’re retired and are looking to use your knowledge to make some extra cash without being tied to a boss?


You can register to become a problem solver at ideaconnect, you fill out a profile of all your skills and experience and ideaconnect will put you in touch with a searcher who is looking to solve their problem.

ideaconnect prefers to assemble a team of people from different backgrounds and skillsets as they https://www.innocentive.com/believe that approaching a problem from different angles gives the best outcome, once the team is assembled they will be assigned to a facilitator who looks after the team and keeps the project on track.

you’ll be expected to work with the team and attend scheduled meetings, average earnings are around $5000 per project success.

If you don’t want to commit or would rather work alone, then maybe Innocentive is a better fit for you?


you can check out a list of posted problems at InnoCentive Here

Once you’ve found a challenge you believe you can solve then you can apply to solve the problem once registered and the terms and conditions have been accepted.

Submit your solution before the deadline expires, and if accepted, earnings can be between $10,000 and $50,000 dollars.

Become a facilitator or technology scout

A picture of a man in a suite, looking through a telescope which is pointing towards us.
  • Earning potential High £20000 to £50000 per Annum
  • Startup cost -nothing
  • time  taken to earn – Medium within a few weeks/months
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required – experience leading a team or finding difficult resources

As well as problem solvers, InnoCentive also hire facilitators and technology scouts


Facilitators lead a team of problem solvers to make sure that the project has objectives, measured targets, and is delivered on time.

If you have project management experience and are used to managing a team of highly creative people then this might be just the work from home job for you?

Technology scout

You can make money with InnoCentive by becoming a technology scout, you get paid for sourcing technologies or putting Seekers in touch with companies who are developing the technologies that they are looking for. pay can be anywhere from $2000 to $10000.

Become an audiobook narrator

A picture of a persons hands, holding a book open in the dark with fairy lights covering the book and providing gentle lighting.
  • Earning potential High £20000 to £60000 per Annum
  • Startup cost -nothing
  • time taken to earn – Medium within a few weeks/months
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required – a great voice for storytelling and engaging reading skills.

If you have a voice for radio, love to read or act, then becoming a narrator might be just the job for you.

Generally, you will need some previous experience, however, if you’re brand new then submitting or making a demo would be preferable.

Audiobook readers generally earn between $100 and $150 per hour, when I looked on Fiverr the cheapest was around $20 per 100 words, with some vetted professionals earning up to $200 per 100 words, so It’s a great way to make money in your spare time.

You can also sign up to be an Audiobook narrator at sites such as acx.com, you can audition for one of their books and if successful will get paid once the project is finished.

So if your friends mistake you for Cate Blanchett or Morgan freeman on the phone, then maybe this is the calling for you?

Writing and translating

Write an ebook

A picture of a tablet with writing on it, it is sat on  writing pad with a silver pen next to it.
  • Earning potential – low £100 to £1000 per month
  • Startup cost – minimal
  • time is taken to earn – a few months to a year
  • Suitability –  any age, needs internet access.
  • skills required – need writing material

If you have a passion for Writing and already write your own short stories, or you have the knowledge to pass on in the form of a how-to guide: then why not try to make money by writing and publishing an ebook?

Today you no longer have to submit your book draft to a publisher in order for them to decide if your work is publish worthy or not, anyone can write and submit a book to one of the many popular online book platforms out there, and as such, more and more people are turning to this as one of the ways to make money from home.

The most popular platforms for publishing an ebook are Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple Books, and Google play books, with Amazon selling over 70% of all online e-book publications.

Although it is easier to get published with an e-book, since the market, not the publisher decides if your book is sales-worthy, the market is just as competitive, with less than 3% of books sellers on Amazon making over $1000 per month.

If you’re still considering this as a work-from-home career option, then check out my detailed guide here.

Become a freelance writer/copywriter

a picture of an old typewriter with paper loaded in it with the words " The best way is to just start!" typed on it.
  • Earning potential – high $25000 to $100,0000 per year
  • Startup cost – minimal
  • time is taken to earn –  immediate
  • Suitability –  any age needs internet access.
  • skills required – need writing skills and an online portfolio

Becoming a freelance writer is a great way to make money from home for people of all ages, including college students and the retired.

freelance writing generally comes in two forms; creative/content writing and copywriting. If you’re not familiar with the difference between the two then let me explain.

Content Writing.

If you’re a freelance writer who specializes in content writing, then you will generally be employed to write amusing or educational pieces. The main objective of a content writer is to drive engagement and brand awareness, and not necessarily to drive sales.


copywriters can also be content writers, however, their main goal is to make a sale. they will employ problem-solving to provide a meaningful experience to their users by solving their problems and pain points and driving conversions for their brands.

Content writers tend to specialize in areas such as Social media, Brand, SEO, and Email, they generally use less fluff in their writing and are expected to do more product and brand research. they will know their target audience and be expected to solve their brand’s marketing problems.

Good copywriters are highly sought after and can command large fees of up to $100,000.  If you’re interested in freelance writing, you can also find freelance work on sites such as Fiverr where you can also earn good fees,  just sign up and submit your online portfolio to get started.

Write a blog

A picture of a man typing on a laptop computer
  • Earning potential – high $1000 to $100,000 per month
  • Startup cost – from $0 to $500 per month
  • time is taken to earn – a few months to a few years
  • Suitability –  any age, needs internet access.
  • skills required – determination

If you’ve read my articles on Starting a Website or Affiliate marketing then you might be wondering why  I didn’t include blogging as part of these guides.

You can build a website without it being a blog and sell your own services via a landing page or using e-commerce, likewise, you can become an affiliate marketer without the need for a Website; for instance, you can promote your products using your social media or via your Youtube channel.

When I say become a blogger, I’m talking about making money online from blogging and that takes time and planning. you’re likely going to need to read about how to build a website as well as how to promote your Website using Organic traffic, which is included in my detailed guide on how to build a website.

you’re probably going to need to understand how to promote on social media as well as add affiliate and advertising to the mix. Finally, you’re going to need to be able to write compelling and well-researched articles. Even if you outsource your writing, you still need to do some writing yourself to establish your brand identity and build your own online community of followers.

Blogging is one of the most competitive ways to earn money online, it’s estimated that there are over 500 million blogs in existence in the world., Of course, some blogs are set up and never used again, while others are used to record life events (the hobby blogger).

If you’re serious about making money blogging then you need to treat it as a business, and that means you will need to spend money investing in tools and products and potentially yourself. you’ll also need to have a plan, be willing to put in the hours, and have realistic expectations.

Blogging does have great benefits too, you can and people have made millions of dollars per year at this, not to mention giving you the option to plan your own schedule and in some cases generating a truly passive income.

Become a proofreader

A picture of an open encyclopedia with the word " focus" written in bold and in focus on the page
  • Earning potential – medium $15 to $30 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediately
  • Suitability –  over 18’s
  • skills required – good written skills and attention to detail

If you are the kind of person that always notices spelling and grammar mistakes, you might be well suited to proofreading. With the average hourly rate being $32/ £23.50 per hour, competition is high, but there is plenty of work out there if you are willing to look for it. It helps if you have some relevant experience or a degree in English, but it is by no means essential.

Register with a professional body. 

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders https://www.ciep.uk/  are the most prominent organization for proofreaders in the UK. You can become a member for £100 per year, and they offer courses to improve your skills and increase your earning potential.

Be clear about what proofreading is.

Proofreading identifies superficial flaws in a written text, such as spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation. Proofreading is the final step before publication. Editing also looks at the feel of a text and how it reads. Don’t be frightened to turn down a job if you feel that they require an Editor.

Find a speciality.

If you have particular expertise in a specific subject, then utilize it! You could get repeat work and boost your earning potential.

Register with freelancing sites.

You can find freelancing work in several ways; it would be a good idea to set up a website to showcase your talents (see our Build a website page), and it may be helpful to register with LinkedIn to help set up a network of contacts who can help you get some work coming in.

You can register with sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, CloudPeeps, and People per hour. There will be a lot of competition on these sites, and people will undercut each other, make sure that you don’t sell yourself short, and remember that these sites will want to take a percentage of your profits in return for advertising with them.

Become a translator

A picture of a black magnifying glass, sitting on a yellow background and over the word "Translate". It is surrounded by the names of other countries written in their native language including Chinese and Arabic
  • Earning potential –  $25000 – $50000 per year
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum
  • skills required – Qualifications in translation required

To become a translator you will normally have a fluent understanding of more than one language, usually by living or studying in that country for a long time.

It usually helps if you have a qualification or degree in your second language and preferably have taken and passed the DipTrans Diploma, which is a postgraduate qualification.

Because English is such a universally spoken language, the ideal candidate would be someone who has emigrated to the United States or the UK or has worked and studied in those countries for a prolonged period of time.

A translator will normally translate from their second language to their native tongue, the amount of money you make as a translator is dependent on the language you are translating to, with Spanish and Mandarin Chinese being the highest demand.

There are lots of ways to make money as a translator, however, most work-from-home jobs will be on a freelance basis.

Customer service online

Become a virtual assistant

A picture of a person working with a pen and paper and also a laptop and keyboard.
  • Earning potential –  $25- $5 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • skills required – basic office skills required

If you’re looking for a job that you can perform from home and which you can be your own boss then why not become a virtual assistant?

Becoming a virtual assistant is easier than you might think since any business that wants an office assistant on a temporary basis without having to provide an employment contract will be looking for temp or freelance assistants.

If you have previous office experience as a PA or have a specialist skill such as social media, WordPress, Excel, or even photo editing then your services will likely be in demand.

a Virtual assistant could potentially perform any of the below roles and you will be paid according to your level of skill and experience, with the average salary being from $25 to $50 per hour.

  • General admin, handling phone calls, sending emails, and arranging appointments.
  • data entry, Excel, bookkeeping, and payroll.
  • Photo editing, WordPress and web design, and running social media accounts

Virtual assistants can find work on specialist sites such as Time Etc and VANetworking; or by selling their services on freelance sites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

This is a great way to make money in your spare time and from home.

Become a customer service, remote worker

A picture of a row of people wearing a headset and microphone in what looks like a call centre
  • Earning potential – medium $18000 – $25000 per annum
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum
  • skills required – on the job training provided, good communication skills

If you’re looking to make money working from home, either full-time or part-time and aren’t concerned about setting your own work schedule then maybe you might be interested in becoming a customer service remote worker.

Online customer service reps have become more and more in demand in the last year, with large companies such as Amazon and Airbnb replacing their traditional call centre roles with work from home jobs.

As a remote worker, you’d be answering calls and providing customer service directly from your home, using the company’s systems to access customer data.

you will be required to be self-motivated and have great customer relations skills. You can find jobs online at sites like Indeed and FlexJobs or by approaching companies directly.

Provide chat Support

A picture of a bright green speech bubble on a button, against a dark background
  • Earning potential –  $15- $25 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • skills required – basic office skills required

If you’ve ever tried to contact a Business via their website, then you may have noticed the option for click to chat. There are more and more companies advertising customer service roles where you are required to work from home, and becoming a click-to-chat agent is a great way to make money remotely.

A picture of Amazons click to chat screen which says "Fixing things is quick & easy" " The bot quickly fixes your problem or connects you to someone who can"  " Get started"

The only problem is that automation is the buzzword in these types of industries and technology is becoming more and more advanced, meaning that click to chat agents are increasingly being replaced by Bots.

you can find click to chat jobs at places like indeed.com

Become a data entry clerk

A picture of a man typing into a laptop computer
  • Earning potential –  $15- $25 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum,
  • skills required –  internet access, attention to detail, and good keyboard skills.

If you have fast keyboard skills and attention to detail then why not consider providing data entry for any number of businesses in fields such as market research and medical.

There are tons of companies looking for people who want to make money at home and are able to provide data entry for them on a part-time or temporary basis.

The average salary is around $15 per hour, but this type of job usually allows you to set your own hours of work.

Complete online tasks

Complete digital tasks

A picture of Googles front page search screen
  • Earning potential –  $15- $25 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • skills required – none required

There are lots of websites out there that can provide you with online tasks to perform, which they will pay you for on completion. These can be microtask that pay a few cents to projects which pay $15 – $20 per hour.

The main sites that I have used in the past to make money online are Appen.com, Microworkers.com, and clickworker. The tasks include data collection, app testing, mobile tasks, video, text, and image annotation as well as search evaluation for various search engines.

Some of the projects will require you to pass an assessment, for instance, to be eligible for Appen projects you first need to qualify, you will then be encouraged to apply for a list of projects such as the Yukon project, which evaluates matching user intent and site quality factors in Google search engine.

For Clickworker projects, you will need to pass the UHRS assessment, after which you can check the UHRS marketplace.

jobs here are mainly checking search engine results for text, image, and video search results relevance. Once you register you can check their job boards for tasks that might interest you.

Complete online surveys

A picture of a touch screen with a white background,. It has a green happy fave on the left and a red unhappy face on the right, with a sliding scale in between. above it is the question "How was your day?"
  • Earning potential –  $15- $25 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • skills required – none required

There are tons of online survey sites that pay either cash or vouchers for you to complete their online surveys. sites like Swagbucks and survey junkie are both popular and tend to pay anywhere from $0.10 to $20 per survey, however, I don’t think I’ve seen any pay that high with most paying a few dollars per survey.

Also, sites like microworkers.com and clickworker also pay for filling in surveys, again the price per survey is fairly low, so you’ll need to fill in a lot of surveys to make decent money, my advice would be to sign up with a throwaway email.

Become a product tester

a picture of circular button dial, lit in blue. it has three menu's to select from a rotating dial, they read "ALPHA test", "BETA Test" and "RELEASE"
  • Earning potential –  $15- $25 per hour
  • Startup cost – nothing
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • Skills required – none

When I looked into product testing I was surprised at how much people were getting paid to test products, two sites that offer good pay are Usertesting.com and Userfeel.com.

Companies use these sites to test their products so that they are able to iron out any problems before they go out to paying customers.


The first step to becoming a tester is to apply using your email address, for this I highly recommend using a throwaway email to prevent spamming.

You’ll then need to answer some screening questions so that you can be matched with appropriate testing opportunities. You’ll be expected to test websites and Mobile Apps and provide your feedback after which you’ll get paid.

the rates of pay are below

  • $4 for 5-minute tests
  • $10 for 20 test
  • $30 – 120 for live interviews


Userfeel pays the same rate for testing as usertesting, however, they offer a standard $10 fee per test which takes an average of 20 mins per test.

You will generally be testing e-commerce sites for user experience and you are required to record your findings via a microphone on your computer, generally, you’ll be searching for an item and following the journey through to purchase.

Both sites are a great way to make money while working from home.

Buy, make and sell online

Buy and sell on ebay

A picture of eBay offices with the eBay sign outside.

Can you still make money buying and selling on the auction giant eBay? Well, things have changed in the last few years with the introduction of the Facebook marketplace.

Even so, the way we buy and sell online has also increased, with eBay increasing its user base by 7%

From 2020 to 2021 giving it 187 million users.

There are a couple of cons to selling on eBay, one being that you pay them a percentage of your sale, currently around 12.8%, another is that they no longer accept PayPal, which means that payments take longer to process, usually around three days.

eBay has a wide reach and is used extensively by online retailers and sellers, when shopping online on eBay, they have clearly defined categories which makes it easy to sell smaller items that can be packaged, however anything large such as sofas and TV’s can only be sold locally, which limits the audience.

When selling on eBay, just make sure that you describe your items accurately, so that customers can see what they’re getting. Seller ratings are important to buyers when they make the decision to buy so make sure you do things right the first time.

Sell on Facebook

A picture of two , three dimensional buttons coloured in blue, against a blue background. Printed on the front of the buttons and raised against the surface are two white speech bubbles. they  have the logo's of Facebook and Facebook messenger printed in blue within them.

Facebook is a great place to sell items online, especially if you’re just selling clothes online or even small gadgets. Their online marketplace has over 1 billion users, and it’s also a great place to sell locally for larger items.

If you’re a regular seller then it might be worth setting up a Facebook page store, this is a great way for sellers to have their own brand on Facebook.

For those in the United States, you are now able to set up a Facebook shop, this gives you a fully customizable storefront, giving your business a professional look and feel to it.

Anyone who currently has a Facebook page store will be invited to set up a Facebook store, you can do this in Facebook commerce manager you will need to enter your payment and tax details as well as your shop preferences, policies, and collections.

Facebook has a comprehensive set of instructions on how to set your store up, Facebook is a great free and easy way to make money online by selling items you either make or buy.

You can advertise your business on both Facebook and Instagram accounts by showing your wares.

Buy from Auctions and sell online

a picture of a wooded hammer and gavel

There are loads of online auctions other than ebay, where you can pick up some great bargains if you have an understanding of a particular niche and the value of the items on sale.

Lots of police departments auction off goods if they haven’t been reclaimed after so many months, there are also auction sites that sell goods from companies that have gone into liquidation, anything from office furniture to industrial tools.

If you have an eye for a bargain and are looking for ways to make extra money, then joining online auctions is another good way to make money from the comfort of your home.

Make and sell on Etsy

A picture of a persons hands, knitting in front of a Magazine and a cup of tea.
  • Earning potential –  $1000- $50000 per Annum
  • Startup cost – materials
  • time is taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18 minimum and internet access
  • Skills required – that certain creative person

If you are creative and are good at painting, knitting, crochet, sculpting, sewing, or making pretty or useful things, you could sell your work on Etsy. It is free and easy to set up a shop, and once you have chosen a name and set up your payment details to get paid, you are ready to start listing your work. Etsy charges 14p per month for each listing you have on there and will take a 5% plus 20p cut on the sale of your products.

You can sell craft supplies, handmade items, and Antiques (anything over the age of 20!) on Etsy.

If you want to advertise your products on social media, you can link your shop by typing in https://shopname.etsy.com. this will create a hyperlink to your shop.

To start your own Etsy shop, click below.

The Etsy logo

Create printables

A picture of a kids printable activity calander

If you’re looking for extra ways to make money, then selling printables might be the way forward for you?

Printables are exactly as they sound, documents that can be accessed online and printed for use by paying customers.

The type of content downloaded as printables are things like.

  • Stationary
  • Wall art
  • Meal planners
  • Workbooks
  • Calendars
  • Stationary
  • Kids activities
  • Financial planners

Basically, anything which can be placed on a wall, fridge, or booklet and easily referenced.

You don’t need to be a creative wizz either, you can use free tools such as Canva or pay for tools such as Adobe Indesign, Pickmonkey, or even MS publisher if it’s part of your Microsoft office package.

My advice would be to use paid-for applications as once you have your designs they can be replicated

Multiple times, also make sure you are using your own or royalty-free photos in your designs.

You can get royalty-free photos from stock photo sites such as Unsplash or iStock

Creating printables is a great way to make money from home and you can sell printables from sites such as Etsy, or if you have a website, you can sell printables by adding an online shop using woo commerce or an equivalent.

Sell Your Photos Online

A picture of a person stood on a beach taking a picture with their smart phone
  • Earning potential –  $1000- $50000 per Annum
  • Startup cost – camera equipment
  • time is taken to earn – days to weeks
  • Suitability –  all ages
  • Skills required – great photography skills

If you’re looking to sell your photos online to make extra money, then the obvious choice is to sell on stock photo sites such as iStock, Dreamstime and Shutterstock as a contributor.

For these companies you get paid a percentage of the money they make to license your product, the tables below are an example of the compensation you’ll receive.


               Number of downloads per year

                                         You earn

                                        Up to 100


101 to 250


251 to 500


501 to 2500


2501 to 25000


                                       Over 25000



Photos submitted to iStock on a non-exclusive basis are paid at 15% Exclusive photos are paid at the below rates

Number of downloads per year

You earn











It’s very difficult to make money from these sites since competition is fierce, for instance, iStock has 160,000 contributors competing for 1.5 million customers. Shutterstock is even more competitive, with 650,000 contributors all vying for the attention of 1.9 million users.

If you’re going to compete in this market you’re going to need every advantage, you could use additional editing software such as Luminar AI alongside Adobe Lightroom.

Make sure that you are using keywords that aptly describe your content, and go the extra mile by looking at what is currently trending by using sites such as Buzzsumo and google trends.

Another way to promote would be to set up your own website and then start an email campaign. It’s easy to get hold of bloggers’ website databases, from sites such as Linkio, and there is nothing bloggers like better than sourcing original images for their content, I know I do.

You can set up a website with Hostgator or Bluehost for less than $3 per month, you can use tools such as Active campaigns to personalize and automate your emails to send in bulk.

Trade in stocks and shares

A picture of a plastic figure of a man against a plastic arrow depicting the peaks and troughs of a performance chart.
  • Earning potential –  $1000- $100000 per Annum
  • Startup cost – none
  • time is taken to earn – days to years
  • Suitability –  over 18’s prefered
  • Skills required – need to understand the markets and perform research

Trading in stocks and shares is not for the faint-hearted, and with 85% of those trading losing money, you need to know what you’re doing to make a profit or even a living from this.

Most of the people who lose are those who are day trading, with less risk in long-term investing, so let’s start by looking at the difference between trading and investing.


The purpose is to gradually build up wealth over an extended period by buying and holding a portfolio of stocks, funds, and bonds.

Investors will take a long-term approach. They usually hold on to stocks for years and even decades and ride out any short-term fluctuations in the market by looking instead at other factors such as management forecasts, long-term market trends, and price-to-earnings ratios.

Most of us are investors without even realizing it since most of us have private or company pensions, where our money is invested on our behalf.

If you work for a company that offers a share scheme, then this is a great way to invest since any stocks you buy generally come out of your salary before tax saving you 31% in tax and national insurance contributions.


Trading, as you might imagine, takes a shorter-term approach to investing. You are relying on short-term fluctuations in the market to obtain a profit that outstrips the long-term market trend. How short your approach is, also known as holding time, depends on the type of trading you are doing. There are four main types.

Position Trader.

Positions are held for months and years.

Position traders buy and hold until a trend peaks. They usually hold onto stocks for long periods and take advantage of market trends; many day traders are market analysts.

Swing Trader.

Positions are held for days and weeks.

Swing trading involves taking trades that last from a couple of days up to several months to profit from an anticipated price move in companies they are tracking. Because they tend to hold on to their stock overnight, they are susceptible to overnight and weekend changes or swings in the market while trading is closed.

Day Trader.

Positions are held for the day only, with no overnight positions.

Day traders, by definition, usually enter and exit positions in a single day. They use short-term trading strategies to profit from small price movements in heavily traded stocks or currencies.

Scalp Trader.

Positions are  only held for seconds to minutes with no overnight trades

Scalp traders can make hundreds of trades a day which requires incredible multi-tasking and can be highly stressful; they also need to employ expensive software to track all of their trades.

If you are considering trading in stocks and shares, make sure that you keep up to date with all the business news and trends by checking the financial papers regularly.

Use sites like  Barchart.com https://www.barchart.com/eu which have some great tools to view the markets and also have the latest market news and tips; the stocks section has some great tools for you to use


If you want to practice trading before jumping in, the eToro app for android and Apple devices is excellent. It has a live trading section where you can trade in stocks and shares but also has a “Virtual” area where they give you a virtual fund /equity of $100,100 to practice with; I had great fun with this app, but be careful if you are trading for real.


eToro screen shot

Buy and sell domains

Picture of a plastic figurine in a sales booth, with a sign outside the sign is printed with the words ".com, .net, .org and .html" printed on it.
  • Earning potential –  $1000- $100000 per Annum
  • Startup cost – you need to finance the initial domain buy
  • time is taken to earn – days to weeks
  • Suitability –  over 18’s preferred
  • Skills required – need to understand the value of a particular niche or the overall market

Buying and selling domains could be a profitable business; however, just like trading in stocks and shares, you can also lose money in the process.

It is essential to know what you are doing; just like flipping houses, you need to understand the market and see the value of the product you’re buying and selling.

Domain flipping

If you were flipping houses, you would concentrate on a particular market area and then go to house Auctions to observe how much certain homes were selling for so you can see a bargain when one comes up,

In the same way, it helps to understand your market when buying and selling domains. New online businesses are starting every day, and they would have done their keyword search and SEO to exploit a gap in the market.

We use Mangools for all of our keyword searches; the basic package starts at £42.11 per month, making it much more affordable than its competitors; it covers all of our needs and offers free learning materials to help you with your SEO. You can try out the keyword finder below.

The cheapest domain registrars in 2021 are;

  • Domain name .com
  • Namecheap
  • Blue Host
  • Go Daddy
  • OVH
  • Ionos
  • Name.com
  • Namesite

You can buy a domain starting from as little as 99p

Join online domain auction sites such as GoDaddy Auctions

spend some time visiting these auction sites to see what domains are selling for compared to their estimated value; after some time, you can get a feel for the value of a particular domain just by instinct.

name.com logo
namecheap logo
Bluehost logo
GoDaddy logo

If you spend your time on SEO Keyword search tools and Google trends to see what are the emerging markets, then you can use your experience to help spot undervalued domain names.

Until you are a seasoned expert, you can track the price of domains on lists such as Name Bio, and the DN Journal advertises the top-selling domains.

If you want to take all of the guesswork out of valuing your domains, there is a site called EstiBot that, for $29 per month, which is £21.01, will give you 150 appraisals a day or 4500 per month. They offer you all of the tools you need to make flipping domains easy to do and track, and you are not tied into a contract, so you can cancel at any time.

estibot logo

Selling domain names

Picture of a person typing on a laptop computer. On he screen colourful are bar charts and pie charts

We must remember that the domain name is one of the most crucial parts of a company’s identity, so a company may be willing to spend big for the right name. Having said that, domains selling for a high price are rare. In most cases, you will be stacking up small profits per sale. Here are some things to look out for in a domain name;

Some of the most popular domain names end in .com; ideally would be a single word or something short and easy to spell. The least popular domain would be words that are long, difficult to spell, anything that ends in .net, .org, or anything that doesn’t have .com at the end!

If you build it up slowly, there is a potential to make an excellent profit at buying and selling domains with very little outlay, and like most things, you will get better at it the more you do it. Just a note of caution, there is always the potential to lose money when buying and selling. If your outlay is small, then your losses will also be small; as you get more experienced, you will get a feel for the value of domain names and can afford to be a little more adventurous!

If you do decide that this is going to be the new venture for you, then good luck. We would really love to know how you get on!

Other online

Matched betting

A picture of a man sitting crossed legged against a blue background. The man has a laptop computer on his lap and a football beside him. He is celebrating with his hands raised.
  • Earning potential –  £400- $1000 per Month
  • Startup cost – money to cover your initial first bet which you’ll get back with profit in 24 hours
  • time is taken to earn – a couple of days
  • Suitability –  over 18’s only, not available in the United States
  • Skills required – No skills or prior knowledge is needed

Matched betting is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to make an extra income quickly. It is essentially a perfectly legal way to take advantage of the free bets that the bookmakers offer to make a risk-free profit, and done correctly you can easily make a few hundred pounds a month, with minimum time spent. Of course, if you had to look for all these betting opportunities yourself where the odds were closely matched then it wouldn’t be a time-effective way to make money. Luckily there is a site you can use for a small subscription that does all this for you., as well as telling you when, where, and how much to bet to make your profit. You can make up to £63 straight away from their free trial with no automatic rollover to a monthly subscription. See my detailed guide on matched betting.

 What are you waiting for? watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Make money from online gaming

A picture of a laptop computer with a gaming pad sitting next to it.
  • Earning potential –  $30,000- $50,000 per Annum
  • Startup cost -none
  • time is taken to earn – usually employed by an employer
  • Suitability –  over 18’s only, good communication, analytical and gameplay skills
  • Skills required – preferably a degree or diploma and relevant work experience

Working in an IT environment I always knew that gaming was big news, but it was only since I started doing research for this article did I realize how big it was.

I’m not impartial to a bit of gaming myself, but find I have less and less time these days, my colleagues on the other hand are a different story. I remember a discussion we had recently after one of my work colleagues mentioned that they had received their PS5 annual report showing 1500 hours of gaming time.

So how easy is it to make some extra money from Gaming and can you make that money online from home?

One of the most obvious choices would be to set up your own Youtube channel and become the next big Gaming Vlogger, after all, 6 out of the top 10 google searches in 2021 were video game-related.

The reality, however, is that this is a fiercely competitive field, Vloggers such as PewDiePie have huge followings not just because of their gaming skills but also their charisma and online presence, if not gaming they’d likely be successful in any social media field they chose.

Blogging and Gaming journalism is also fiercely competitive fields, where you are a journalist first and foremost, to make money as a games writer you will need to succeed in journalism first.

There are apps that will allow you to earn money here and there from games testing, but the opportunities are few and far between.

Games testers used to work from the office, however, since the pandemic, this has become a real opportunity to play games while working from home; So what does it take to become a games tester?

To become a games tester you’ll probably need to have completed a Degree or diploma in a related field

And have good IT and troubleshooting skills.

It takes more than just a passion for gaming to become a Games tester, you’ll need to test games on all platforms, navigate all the menus and sub-menus, as well as use all the characters while attempting all the moves and at all levels of the game from beginner to advanced.

You will need to highlight any floors in the game, any copyright issues as well as any spelling mistakes in the game’s menus or manuals.

As well as playing the same games repetitively, you will also need good communication skills since you’ll be working as part of a team and be expected to write reports on the game’s functionality, any copyright infringements, any faults in the game.

A games tester will generally be expected to meet tight deadlines and be able to work under pressure, as a games tester you can expect an annual salary of between $30,000 and $45000 per Annum.

Offline Creative jobs from home


A picture of a toy car, made out of a recycled plastic milk bottle.
  • Earning potential – Medium £100 to £1000 per month
  • Startup cost – Need to buy upcycle project but you can pick these up cheaply generally
  • time taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  no age restrictions so great for teens and younger people
  • skills required – none (learn as you go.)

If you look in charity shops, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace, you can pick up old furniture very cheaply and sometimes even free stuff. Often something that looks old-fashioned in its current state will only need a lick of paint to bring it up to date. If you are painting over wood, make sure that you sand off any varnish and use a primer before applying the topcoats of paint.  Check out how much things are selling for before buying and look out for solid pieces that, with a bit of love, can last for years to come; all you need is a bit of imagination. Pinterest has hundreds of ideas about how to upcycle all sorts of things.

Two side by side pictures of an upcycled kitchen dresser, the before and after.

If you already have the tools and are handy with a saw and hammer, why not make pallet furniture? You can often pick up Pallets for free, and there are loads of plans that you can follow to make furniture for next to nothing!

A picture of garden furniture, made out of wooden pallets

Once you have finished your masterpiece, you can sell it on sites like Gumtree, Shpock, and Facebook Marketplace for no cost. All you need to do is create an account, and the buyer will contact you directly through the site; you can arrange payment and pick it up from there.

I used to fit kitchens for a living and still love working with wood. Upcycling is great for the environment, and not only is it a great way to make money from home, but it can also be very rewarding too.

Click on the link below for some more ideas on Pinterest.

Design and sell T-Shirts

A picture of a person printing T-shirts
  • Earning potential – Medium £1000 to £1000 per month
  • Startup cost – Need to pay for T-shirt printing service
  • time taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  no age restrictions so great for teens and younger people
  • skills required – none (learn as you go.)

T-shirts are one of those accessories which seem to transcend all ages, you can send the world a message or just make someone smile, all with the magic of great T-shirt design.

For instance, Swedish clothing retailer Carlings have released “The Last Statement T-Shirt” which looks blank, but when looked through the lens of certain Facebook filters on your smartphone will display a different political message every day.

Picture of a unique T-shirt by Swedish clothing company Carlings

But you don’t need to go to these levels to produce great results, one of my personal favourites is the T-shirts produced by “Last Exit To Nowhere” who design T-shirts with obscure references to names, logos, places, and products from the films we all know and love, such as “Lao Che Air Freight” from Indiana Jones or “Lighthouse lounge” from The Goonies, who’d have known?

You don’t have to be a budding Picasso to design and print great T-shirts, A clever or punchy slogan may be all you need.

If you have access to the internet then there are tons of design tools you can use such as Canva, which also have their own T-shirt printing service.

Multi-talented author, writer, and coach Emma Norris has written a great article on Canva, on how to design and print your own T-shirts using their service, take a look here.

If you don’t have access to Canva then there are tons of other design tools you can use to get similar effects,  you can install Adobe Creative Cloud apps, such as Photoshop and Illustrator Onto your PC and work offline, you can then submit your designs to be printed. Usually, they need to be in vector formats such as PDF or ESP.

Creating your Own Line of T-Shirts can be fun and is a great way to make money from home.

Make Calligraphy invitations and cards

A picture of a person practicing various calligraphy fonts on a piece of paper.
  • Earning potential – high $24000 to $148,000 per Annum
  • Startup cost – Need to pay for T-shirt printing service
  • time taken to earn – medium within a few weeks/ months
  • Suitability –  no age restrictions so great for teens and younger people
  • skills required – none (learn as you go.)

There are various ways to make money from calligraphy, and it’s also a great way to make money from home.

Calligraphy like any art form takes practice to perfect, and despite the rise of online design sites such as Canva, there is still demand for calligraphers,  in the United States alone the market has grown by 5% in the last year.

Apart from the obvious party and wedding invitations, calligraphers can also teach their profession to others for pay.

If you’re just starting out then it’s better to begin with smaller projects such as Canvas quote art, chalkboards, or even handwritten Christmas cards. Once you’ve perfected your craft, you can then move on to the more lucrative but higher-pressure projects, such as Wedding invitations.

You can look on Pinterest for inspiration for projects to get started with. If you are wondering if calligraphy really pays, then you might be surprised to find that the average salary for a calligrapher in the United States today is around $64500 per Annum.

Become a wedding planner

A picture of a bride and groom, who are waling through a crowd of people , throwing confetti at them.

The skills required to become a wedding planner are not too dissimilar to those of an interior designer,

Both professions require you to be creative, generally, you will have a list of contacts within the trade and be able to source products and services which your clients require.

You will have great communication skills, but above all, exceptional listening skills, since you will need to understand your client’s wishes, and interpret their brief, even if they’re not sure exactly what they want.

The ability to compromise is important since you may have to deviate from what you had originally planned as the client is liable to change the brief mid-way through the process.

Weddings can be stressful affairs so you will need to be well organized and be able to work under pressure, meeting your client’s brief as well as budget.

If you don’t have any prior experience, there are multiple courses available that generally take 6 months to a year to complete.

A wedding planner can expect a salary of between $28,000 and $68,000 in the United States and around £17,000 to 29,000 in the UK.

Become a Gardner

A picture of a man tending a garden lawn

If you have green fingers and enjoy gardening and have knowledge of plants then why not turn your hobby into an income?

You can mow people’s lawns and keep their grass looking healthy and get paid around $14/£10 per hour. If you’re more ambitious then you can try landscape gardening which requires you to have some design skills, however, you can earn more, usually around $40 or £30 per hour.

Although you won’t be working at home directly, you will spend some of your time working in a home office and you won’t be working for a boss, meaning you can set your own hours of work.

If you’re looking for ways to make money, then gardening might just be for you. To start with you might need to go and find your customers, however, eventually this will take care of itself through word-of-mouth marketing.

Offline other

Cook and Deliver to local businesses

A picture of a woman cooking at home in her kitchen

If you love to cook and your friends keep telling you how amazing your cooking is, why not turn it into a work-from-home business?

Personally, I love to cook. I also spend an unhealthy amount of time watching cooking programs from home and around the world. A particular favourite is  Masterchef Australia, which I’ve been watching since the first episode began, back in 2009.

From watching shows like these I’ve come to realize that some people love to cook and others are born to cook. If you’re one of the latter then this could be just the opportunity for you, especially if you live near a hive of local businesses.

You could have a local business by selling your snacks and treats to factories, shops, retail outlets, and other businesses at lunchtime.

You’ll find that your own homemade food is better than the local fair and could with time give you a roaring trade.

Rent out a room

A picture of a bed with some flowers on the bedside table

Maybe you’re retired and your children have flown the nest giving you lots of extra rooms? Or maybe you’re single and have bought a property with enough rooms to rent to your friends?

Whatever your circumstances, renting a room is a surprisingly good way to earn a second income.

Not just do you get to earn your rental money every week/month, you also get great government tax incentives for doing so.

In the UK you can earn up to £7500 of your rental income tax-free every year. In the United States, 20% of your rental income can be tax-free if you register as an LLP due to a 20 percent break for “pass-through” businesses.

Rent out your drive

black and white picture of a Vaux wagon beetle on a driveway, alongside a caravan.
  • Earning potential – Medium £100 to £300 per month
  • Startup cost none
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  need to own or rent your property
  • skills required – none

If you have your own home, your driveway is usually empty and you live close to a city/town centre, airport, shopping centre, or beach, you may make some extra money renting it out! The location of where you live depends on how much you can charge. If you live in the centre of London, you could make an extra £300 a month.

 Not only can you earn yourself some extra cash with zero effort, but you can have peace of mind that a car on your drive will deter burglars as it looks like there is someone in while you are out at work.

Many people would prefer to rent out someone’s drive as it is a guaranteed safe parking space and can often work out cheaper than a car park if they leave their car for several hours.

The main three sites for renting out your drive in the UK are,

You can register free on these sites, and you will set up a profile with a picture of your drive, location, and price. It is worth checking out what other driveways in your area can rent out for.

The sites will charge 3%, which will come directly from the renter. The renter can book through the site, and payment is put into your account, so you don’t have to do anything, making this a hassle-free way of making a bit of extra money.

Renting your drive is one of the few legitimate ways to make money without having to put in too much effort and is a great way to earn cash from home.

Rent out property on Airbnb

picture of a brightly coloured suitcase
  • Earning potential – Medium £1ooo to £10000 per month
  • Startup cost none
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  need to own or rent your property and be authorized to let or sublet
  • skills required – none

There might be all sorts of reasons why you might want to list your property for rental, but have you ever thought about using AirBnB?

A vacation rental website will usually only advertise locally or nationwide, so you’re not guaranteed to get full bookings, Airbnb, on the other hand, operates in 191 countries, with over 6 million rooms, and in more than 80 million cities worldwide. Airbnb is also one of the most searched for terms in Google, with over 10 million searches per month in the United States alone.

To qualify to list on Airbnb, you must be authorized to host guests and also comply with your local laws.

If you go to their website and select “become a host”, you can see the estimated fees you will be able to charge based on your location. This is a great way to make money from home and you don’t have to own your own home to apply, this can be any form of real estate, provided you are able to house your guests in comfort.

A picture of a life-size model flying saucer set in the desert. It is used for vacating rentals  and the picture is taken from Netflix tv series "world's most amazing vacation rentals "

Check out Netflix “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” to see some of the amazing kinds of real estate that is listed, and with Airbnb, you can list anything anywhere.

Become a dog walker

Picture of four dogs being taken for a walk
  • Earning potential – Medium £10 to £16per hour
  • Startup cost none
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  all ages
  • skills required – love or affinity with dogs and have good understanding of their  routines and needs

If you love animals, especially dogs then becoming a dog walker is a great way to earn an extra income. You can start out in just a few hours a week, and then build up your business to make it into full-time work from home venture.

To be a dog walker it helps if you have had some experience in training dogs in the past, as you will need to have good recall over the dogs you are looking after. Also although you don’t need insurance, it would be advisable to take out some form of commercial insurance such as public liability, as there is always a risk that the pet in your care could cause damage to property, or in the worst-case scenario another animal or human.

Dog walkers generally earn around $14/ £10 but can earn more, the more dogs they look after.

Become a dog groomer

A funny picture of a dog wearing a bright pink head towel while a person holds a pair of scissors next to it.
  • Earning potential – Medium £10 to £18 per hour
  • Startup cost some training needed
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  over 18’s prefered
  • skills required –  need experience in dog grooming

Watching other people’s pets get pampered has never been more popular to view online, but how easy is it to make a living dog grooming?

Setting up your own business as a dog groomer can be a good way to make money from home, however, there is more to it than meets the eye. Apart from enjoying bathing and modelling a dog’s look, there is quite a lot of experience required to become a dog groomer. you will need to understand the nature and temperaments of different breeds of dogs, as well as their anatomy, hair, and skin needs.

You can enroll in a course to teach you the basics, however, these can be expensive at around $1500, if you know other dog groomers then it may be worth gaining some voluntary work experience as an alternative.

Dog groomers generally earn around  £10/ $18 per hour.

Become a dog sitter

A person and a dog in a living room
  • Earning potential – Medium £10/ $12 per hour
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  over 18’s preferred
  • skills required –  love of dogs

Becoming a dog sitter is another great way to make money from home, this option is normally a way to make a part-time wage for a few hours per week.

My recently retired father-in-law has taken this up as a way to supplement his pension. He and my mother-in-law both love dogs but also love to travel in their retirement. Looking after dogs means they get to pamper and walk dogs but they can give them back to the owners when they need a rest, a bit like being a grandparent really.

Although it’s not a legal requirement, it’s advisable to take out some form of commercial insurance, just to cover you in case of any unexpected events, however unlikely.

Become a childminder

A picture of a woman, feeding a small child in a high chair
  • Earning potential – Medium £6 per hour per child
  • Startup cost : property must meet standards required
  • time taken to earn – low days to weeks
  • Suitability –  need to own or rent your property and be authorized to child mind
  • skills required – must meet minimum requirements depending on circumstances

I and my wife Louise have been caring for and nurturing children for all of our adult lives. Apart from our 6 beautiful children, we have also looked after many other people’s children in the past 20 years.

Louise started looking after kids from age 17 as a youth leader then while our own children were still young, Louise became a childminder for 12 years. When our children became older she started an after-school club and in between all of that she has organized many summer bus trips for kids’ families who can’t afford to go places in the summer holidays.

All in all, we could write a book about the amount of experience we have with kids, but instead, we decided to write a blog.

If you want to look after a child under 8 in the Uk you must register as a childminder, you must also register if you look after a child under 8 years old in your own home for over 2 hours and also if you get paid for looking after a child under 8.

If you decide to register with OFCOM then you will need to make sure that you are ready for an Ofcom inspection. We have always registered with OFCOM and they have strict processes to follow.

Any adults over 18 living in the household must have a criminal disclosure check, if you are looking after early years up to the age of five, you must attend and pass a pediatric first aid course. You must also abide by EYFS ( early years foundation stage) guidelines which contain your legal responsibilities for the child’s, health, safety, learning, and development requirements.

All in all, this is quite a responsibility for very little financial reward, however, in our case the other rewards of being a childminder are priceless. We have made lifelong friends, not just in the parents but also the children who still to this day keep in touch. They have become our extended family and some have gone on to have children of their own, bringing even more joy and happiness into our lives.

The average pay for a childminder is around £4 – £6 per child per hour but is guaranteed to change your life forever in a positive way.

Become a babysitter

Picture of a baby, playing on a white carpet surrounded by soft toys and books.
  • Earning potential – £8.50  or $17 per hour on average
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – straight away
  • Suitability –  all ages
  • skills required –  must be responsible around children

Chances are if you put your feelers out then there is someone you know right now that’s in need of a Babysitter, it could be a family member or a friend of the family?

It’s a great way for anybody to make money from home, but especially for under 16’s as the minimum wage depending on your location for under sixteens is almost half the amount you could get as a babysitter.

If you think it’s only girls who can babysit then you couldn’t be more wrong, people’s attitudes to those kinds of things have changed over the years and so as long as you’re responsible, anyone can babysit, boys or girls.

You’ll find that once you start to babysit for someone, you’ll start to get word-of-mouth referrals and you’ll get a few hours a week in no time.

Start your own ironing service

Picture of an iron being pushed across a blue sheet
  • Earning potential – £12 to £18per hour  or $17 per hour on average in the United States
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – straight away
  • Suitability –  all ages
  • skills required –  must be able to iron quickly

Do you find yourself frowning at people when they describe the pain they go through every time they do the daily ironing? Are you sitting in silence quietly thinking that this is one of the best chores you have to do?

Personally, I would buy all Teflon clothing if it were an option, but believe it or not, there are some people who actually find ironing therapeutic, no I’m serious.

If you’re one of those strange individuals, then have you ever thought about starting your own business providing Ironing services?  It’s a great way to make money from home and you can expect to earn up to £18 per hour in the Uk and up to $17 in the United States.

Start your sewing business

A close up picture of a hand, feeding material through a sewing machine
  • Earning potential – £10 per hour  or $15 per hour on average in the United States
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – straight away
  • Suitability –  all ages
  • skills required –  must have good sewing skills

Are you good with a needle and thread, are you able to turn a pair of curtains into a piece of clothing capable of appearing at New York fashion week?

Why not make money from home by starting your own custom sewing business? You can turn your passion into your career by making alterations or repairs to other people’s clothes.

In return, you can expect to earn on average £10 per hour in the UK and $15 per hour in the United States.

Become a bookkeeper

A closeup picture of a mans hands, using a calculator in front of a computer keyboard.
  • Earning potential – £12 per hour or $19 per hour on average in the United States
  • Startup cost: course fees to get accredited
  • time taken to earn – straight away
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required –  must have good accuracy and problem-solving skills

If you’ve worked as a bookkeeper for an employer or are just interested in the thought of becoming a bookkeeper then this is a great opportunity to make money from home.

A  freelance bookkeeper will usually work for a number of clients where they will record financial transactions including statements and receipts.  They will also be expected to create and issue invoices as well as financial statements.

To become a bookkeeper you will need to attend a bookkeeping course and pass a relevant bookkeeping exam to gain accreditation. In the United States, this will be the  National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers  NACPB, the course can cost you anywhere from $1500 to £3000.

In the UK you are expected to sit and pass the AAT bookkeeping qualification which can cost between £1000 and £2000 for your training, exams, and accreditations.

Once you are accredited the average salary for a bookkeeper is around £12 per hour in the Uk and $22 in the United States. However, as an experienced freelance bookkeeper with multiple clients, you could earn up to £30 per hour in the Uk and up to $60 per hour in the United States.

Although you can do bookkeeping offline, most clients don’t issue paper receipts which means that most require you to have a virtual bookkeeping business.

Become a peer to peer lender

a picture of lots of currency notes from various countries
  • Earning potential – between 8% and 10% return on your investment
  • Startup cost: you will need to make an investment the amount is your own choice but would advise not to risk retirement money e.c.t.
  • time taken to earn – high  this is for long term investment
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required –  have or obtain financial expertise

Peer-to-peer lending is the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses who wouldn’t normally be able to obtain credit through traditional methods such as banks and other loan companies.

That said not all loans are to those who find obtaining credit hard, some businesses can make savings by getting good rates of interest by cutting out the middleman. In fact, P2P lending became popular during the financial crisis of 2007–2008 since banks refused to increase their borrowing portfolios.

P2P websites will pair up with investors and the risk is generally spread out amongst the lenders, even so, it’s still a risky way of making money since you may be lending money to lenders who can’t afford the repayments.

P2P lending is not covered in the UK by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which means if the lender fails to repay the loan, your investment is not covered. However, if the Peer to peer business goes bust, you are covered, since P2P companies are required to keep your money in ring-fenced accounts separate from their own money. This is because they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In the United States, the process is a little more complicated, however, you can read up on it here.

To start P2P lending you first need to find a P2P website that you think will fit your needs. Generally speaking the higher the default penalties are, the more lenders have defaulted on their platform, P2P is already a risky way to lend money, so be careful in your choice.

Next, you will need to sign up for an account and deposit some money. You will then need to set your interest rate or choose from a given option, and finally set the length/term of the loans.

P2P lending is a way of investing your money with the chance of making better returns than standard savings, however, the risk is much higher so please just be careful and speak to a financial expert before investing any money.

Become an odd job man or woman

A picture of two men, working with a long plank of wood. The person in the for ground is using a sliding arm chop saw.
  • Earning potential – between £15 -20 per hour in the Uk and $25 -30 per hour in the United States
  • Startup cost: Any power tool needed for the job.
  • time taken to earn – Straight away
  • Suitability –  over 18 prefered as you will likely need insurance
  • skills required –  need to have a least basic DIY skills

When I was younger my father had his own business selling and installing kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. My first job when I was around 6 or 7 was to make up the flatpack kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom cabinets getting paid in the process.

Years later I became a kitchen and bathroom fitter for a reputable UK company, but that’s a different story. Today I still like to watch home renovation programs and have a love of designing and building projects with wood.

When I watch these programs on TV I’m always amazed when I see people struggling with the instructions on flat-pack furniture, putting all the parts in the wrong order, when I know that I could put the whole thing together in a matter of minutes blindfolded.

If you’re handy with a screwdriver and drill, you may be surprised that others would rather pay people like us than attempt these things themselves, but there is a serious demand for people who are handy, and so it’s a great way to earn money, while you’re working at home.

The average pay for a handy person is between £15-20 per hour in the UK and $25-30 in the USA.

Become a life coach

A picture of a Neon sign against a dark background, spelling out the word " Change"
  • Earning potential – between £60 – £120 per hour in the UK and $100-$400 in the USA
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required –  you will normally need a coaching qualification or degree but not essential

At one-time. life coaches were only required by celebrities and top sportspeople, today life coaching has very definitely moved into the mainstream.

There are a number of reasons why people would seek out a life coach, but usually, it is triggered by people making positive changes in their lives. People may have high stress and anxiety in their working lives, they may not be content for whatever reason in their personal lives, or they may be trying to overcome a creative block or are unable to break bad habits.

Whatever the reason, it would be your job as a coach to come up with strategies to help the individual overcome these problems. You will be able to identify personal strengths and weaknesses quickly and target the person’s strengths to gain a positive outcome.

You can become a life coach by studying and passing a coaching course or degree, or you may be qualified by your life experience in coaching others, such as business management or sports science.

The qualities you need to become a life coach are

  • Counselling skills
  • Knowledge of psychology
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience and calm
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Excellent at understanding human behaviour.

This career path is a great way to earn extra cash from home, it is very well paid for those with the right skills, you can expect to earn between £60  -£120 in the UK and between $100 – $400 per hour in the United States.

Become an Uber eats delivery driver

A picture of a man driving through a town or city at night on a motorcycle. He has a delivery box on the back of his bike
  • Earning potential – £10 per hour in the UK and $17 per hour in the USA
  • Startup cost: none
  • time taken to earn – immediate
  • Suitability –  over 18
  • skills required –  need your own transportation

Although Uber eats delivery, driving is not strictly working from home, it does give you the flexibility to be your own boss and work when you want to. This type of job has become a popular choice amongst college students.

here is what Uber has to say

“Instead of traditional food delivery jobs where the hours aren’t flexible, try being your own boss with UberEats”. “Get paid to deliver on your schedule using the food delivery app most downloaded by customers.”

If you’re new to earning with Uber, you’ll need to sign up to be a delivery person, consent to a screening,

 and upload the required documents and a photo. Once you’re notified that you are active, you can begin to receive

 delivery requests. The Driver app offers resources and will help you learn as you go.”

drivers are paid on a weekly basis, the average salary in the UK is £10 per hour and in the United States $17 per hour

How to make money as a kid

Picture of a group of kids, arm in arm, looking out over a large river.

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to think of ways to make money as a teenager or kid then you’re in the right place.

Kids and teenagers have had a bit of a bum deal when it comes to getting paid for a fair day’s work, There are however more options for kids these days when it comes to earning money, other than the traditional methods such as paper rounds.

I’ve narrowed down some ways that you can earn a fair wage as a teenager while also picking up some valuable life skills in the process, check out the list below.

how to make money when retired

A picture of an elderly couple, having fun

Any of the jobs listed in this article are perfectly suitable for people who are of retirement age, in fact, some of the world’s largest companies were created by people in their 50s and 60s. If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash in your retirement without too much effort, then I’ve listed some ideas which don’t require as much commitment or require a very light touch.

How to make money without paying anything

Blue blocks, spelling out the words "Free stuff".

Some of the ideas that are listed in this guide require some upfront investment before you can start to earn, however, most of the sections in the guide require no initial start-up costs.

To make it easier to find them I’ve listed them below.

Reasons to work from home

A picture of a checklist on top of a keyboard, with the word "reasons" written on it

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2019, many of us have experienced working from home for the first time in our careers. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA, the number of people working from home almost doubled to 42%.

In the UK, they saw similar figures, with the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reporting that in April 2020, 46% of people did some work from home, of which 86% of those were due to the pandemic.

At the end of 2020, Microsoft conducted a report called “Work Smarter to Live Better” on UK workers alongside a YouGov research survey that took place online with over 4,000 UK office workers.

The results of the survey showed that although people were generally happier and had more personal time working from home, they were also worried about the impact on their development opportunities,


But what if you could have the best of both worlds and had the opportunity to earn extra money from home, whether to create a passive income stream, earn a full-time wage or earn extra cash in a side hustle? This guide covers opportunities for all ages and abilities.

My top picks

Dreamstime s 88259900

Call me Biased, but for me, the best work-from-home jobs are those which come with the possibility of making a living without having to be there 24/7. By putting in the hard work in the first few years, you can create a business that is capable of sustaining you long after you retire but also providing you with incredible earning potential.

Starting a website and writing a blog are two of the most lucrative ways you can make money without putting in any effort on your part for weeks and even months at a time.

Read my guide on how to start your own website here

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