How to write an eBook.

If you are a creative writer or have the knowledge to write “How to” manuals, then it couldn’t be easier to get your work published. Gone are the days when you need to fight to get taken on by a publisher. These days, anyone can publish their own eBook without too much trouble, eBook writing is a much quicker process than writing physical books and eBook sales make up 27% of the market so it is worth getting in on the action so start writing! The writing process might take you a bit of time but once you have got an eBook idea you are already on your way to creating a successful eBook. Once you have your finished ebook or user guide, etc., there are several mediums you can use to publish it.

Since the pandemic, Amazon seems to be taking over the world and since Amazon has its roots in online book sales, publishing your book with them seems the obvious choice for many reasons. Amazon’s kindle direct publishing makes it easy.

  • You can download the Kindle app on just about any device, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Kindle!
  • Kindle books sell from £1.49 to £6.99, and you will get to keep 70% of the sale.

Firstly you will have to create your Amazon account if you haven’t already got one; next, click on the link above or visit Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing) at

Amazon KDP accepts both text documents and EPUB formats which they will then convert into eBook format. They provide you with a free ASIN (Amazon standard identification number), which works the same way as an ISBN (International standard book number); this helps them identify your book and ensures you get paid.

Amazon KDP offers free software to use if you would like to publish illustrated books such as Book Creator, Kindle comic creator, and Kindle kids.

Apple Books, formerly known as I books, are only available on Apple devices. Such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook’s. However, unlike I books, Apple books don’t come preinstalled on the software, so Apple is missing a trick here as authors will have to go looking for the publishing platform they like most.

Books can sell from $0.99 (72p) to $9.99 (7.20), and you get to keep 70% of the sale of books priced between $2.99 (£1.69) and $9.99 (£7.20)  otherwise 35%.

First, you’ll need an Apple ID; you will need this to create an iTunes connect account. You will also need a valid US tax ID.

Apple uses Pages which are available on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Your Mac will need to be on IOS 11 or later and have Pages version 4.3 or later. You can only publish Apple books directly from Pages, so if you are selling your book on multiple platforms, you will need to translate it onto Pages.

Google Play Books has an audience of over 2 billion android users. You will need to set up a google account; then you sign up for Google’s “Book Partners Centre” by clicking on the link

Google accepts both PDF and EPUB formats; if you already have a book published, then you can enter your ISBN number, so they know where to pay you. You can set the cost of your book, and you will receive 70% of the sale.

Online bookstores.

Due to the change in trends, people are using their phones and tablets more than computers. I’ve listed the three most used mediums for e-readers above; however, many other E-Book publishers publish E-Books to hundreds of online bookstores. These include,

  • Kobo – Writing life, whose royalties are 70% of the profit.
  • Smash Words – 80% royalties in their store and 60% in other stores
  • Barnes and Noble – royalties are 65 % of the profit
a cartoon image of a person holding a mobilephome with one hand and pointing at the screen with the other

Promoting your book.

  • It may seem obvious, but making your front eBook cover as appealing as possible to your target audience will get you more views and, therefore, more sales, much the same as your thumbnail promotes your YouTube video.
  • If you join Amazon’s KDP Select, you can get helpful promotional tools like “Kindle countdown deals” and “Free book promotion.” The free book promotion is beneficial if you are making your book available to book reviewers. Positive reviews of your book will push it up the rankings and is an excellent form of free advertising. Being in the KDP Select does mean that your book would be exclusive to Amazon, so you wouldn’t be able to sell it elsewhere.
  • Google Play Books also offer promotional tools as well as offering promotional codes to your potential readers.
  • Submit your book for review. As I mentioned earlier, a great free way to promote your book is to get it reviewed by book bloggers. You can submit your book for reviews by searching for reviewers on sites like

We hope that you find this post useful and if we have inspired you to write an eBook we would love to hear how you got on. You can contact us in the comments box below.

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